Familiarize Yourself With The League Global

Our Roots

Founded in 2012, The League Global is an independently owned marketing and sales firm located in Oakbrook Terrace, IL. Our company's niche is our face-to-face consulting approach, connecting multi-billion dollar clientele to its target consumer base. Currently, we represent one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world.

Back in 2012, we only served one client. Today, we serve over 20 Fortune 500 clients nationwide. We are currently in 8 major markets, but with the help of our amazing team, we hope to be in 15-20 markets by the end of this year.



We focus on the development of ourselves and our people in order to provide the best service for our clients and ensure growth in our company.


We believe in effectively getting the job done, and getting it done the right way; not only for our clients, but for ourselves and our team members.


We believe in being the hardest workers in the room. We know that the sky is the limit if we work hard every single day.


Our focus is to always be learning from the best in our industry to better ourselves and provide the best service for our clients day in and day out.


We believe that gratitude goes a long way. We know that people enjoy being around nice and happy people, so we strive to practice gratitude in all aspects of life.


We follow the golden rule; treat others how you want to be treated. That is our focus everyday, with our team, our client, and our customers.


Holding our team members accountable is showing them that we care, but it is also why we are able to provide dynamic results for our team and our clients.


We enjoy giving back to the community in any way possible. We believe that playing our part in the community will only help make it better, and it will make us better too.