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About The League Global

In 2012, The League Global was established when the demand for a more personable, face-to-face approach existed in the forefront of the minds of large companies. Since the beginning, The League Global has become a leader in the sales and marketing industry in Illinois.


Our company's niche is our face-to-face consulting approach, connecting multi-billion dollar clientele to its target consumer base.  By focusing on our personal, results-driven, relationship-based approach, we continue to effectively bring lifelong, loyal customers to these large companies. 


We believe that a company is not a company without its people, and this is why we put a continual focus on daily development of our team members. Regardless of past experience or background, we believe that our training program provides our team with skills that will last a lifetime, personal and professional. We believe that growth within a company should be organic and merit-based because that allows ample career opportunities and growth for our goal-driven team members. 



We believe everything we do has a purpose. From helping our customers to developing ourselves, we strive to be intentional every single day.


We are firm believers in being better than we were the day before, and that feeling motivates us to give 100% effort in everything we do.


Holding our team members accountable is showing them that we care, but it is also why we are able to provide dynamic results for our team and our clients.


We believe in effectively getting the job done, and getting it done the right way; not only for our clients, but for ourselves and our team members.


Our focus is to help others around us be the best versions of themselves, and in turn we will become the best version of ourselves.


We expect nothing less from our team day in and day out. We strive to be the best for our customers, our client, and our team.

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