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What is the company doing to ensure the safety of its employees working on direct sales or in general as far as working for The League Global?


The safety and well being of our team and clients has always been a top priority of ours, but as we navigate through integrating ourselves back into our highly effective direct sales approach we will follow strict CDC guidelines as well as provide individual medical “kits” to ensure everyone’s safety during the remainder of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Many companies deemed “essential” that are still open and running have given their employees a two-three dollar pay raise for working during this epidemic. Will The League Global lead with or follow these examples? 


We are big believers that if you take care of your employees they will always take care of the company. This belief has led to 8 years of extraordinary results and an even brighter future. The League Global has continued this stance throughout the COVID-19 epidemic and will absolutely be a leader in this regard even after we’ve moved past it. 


If there shall ever be a recurring pandemic or other elements that disrupt The League Global’s abilities to work, what steps is the league doing to prevent or even protect its employees that are temporarily not working or have to stay home?


The League Global has always made innovative improvements since the day the doors first opened back in 2012. This time has only proved how far ahead of the competition we have been and will continue to be in creating an entrepreneurial culture that insists there is a solution to any problem, if not an opportunity. The extra development and enhancements we’ve engineered during this time gives us great confidence to respond well in any condition.


The economy will seem to have lasting negative effects for several years after COVID-19 has run its course. How will The League Global handle an economy that could be the worst we’ve seen in decades?


The unique part about our industry is that because we bring such a high ROI back to our clients, we become even more valuable to them. That increased value means we will only focus more on the growth and development of our team so that we can continue matching the need to grow and expand with our clients. Knowing that we can directly impact the economy in such a positive manner during this time is not something we take lightly and we are excited about hiring and developing amazing people to help us accomplish that feat.

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